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Odonata Wines is a small family winery. We do our best to focus on local grapes that are organic and grown sustainably. We work closely with the growers to ensure the highest quality wines from the vines to the glass.

The credo we subscribe to is blending of old world winemaking methods and attitudes with new learning and a continuous search for improvement.

Come visit the tasting rooms:
Odonata North
2343 Mission St. Santa Cruz CA 95060
Odonata South
645 River Rd. Salinas CA 93908

Entry to Odonata Tasting Room

My desire is to create wines that are soft, supple, and feature subtle complexity. Inspired from the traditional French style, these wines are designed to be food friendly. They are balanced in fruit, acidity, alcohol, and wood, with flavors and aromas that are cohesive with a lengthy finish.

Odonata wines are made to be accessible now, but will also age beautifully. They will always be handmade in small batches to exemplify the unique qualities of the varietal and vineyard.


Tuesday Night Pizza @ Santa Cruz

Come have a top-notch pizza, fresh out of the oven of Companion Bakery. The pizzas are lovingly crafted by Uncie Ro's and pair beautifully with a glass of our wine. They use fresh organic ingredients as well as meats from El Salchichero!

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